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Be In The Know

Growing up, most of us knew the term bullying.  We associated the term with the kid who was shoved in a locker, given wedgies, or beaten up.  Whether we were unfortunate enough to live it, untouched by it except for seeing the bullied kid on a TV show, or misguided enough to be the bully himself, the definition we had of bullying was relatively limited. 

In recent years, we as a country have seen many wonderful strides and leaps forward for many different groups of people.  However, with every step forward comes unfortunate side effects.  One such side effect that has become pervasive in the lives of our country’s youth is bullying.  Now, with new groups on which to focus and with new electronic and social mediums with which to inflict harm, our definition of bullying has unfortunately had the opportunity to widen significantly. 

Today, bullying is both a physical and an emotional way of harassing and torturing our children.  We watch the reports on TV and read them in the papers.  We see the most extreme and heartbreaking cases, but what about the rest?

This question is the reason for the creation of Be In The Know.  It is our responsibility to make sure we are in the know about bullying so that we can take a stand against it.  We must make it a point to be in the know about what constitutes bullying, to be in the know about how the issue of bullying is being tackled by our schools and legislatures, and to be in the know about the emotional effects bullying has on our children even when they do not manifest them openly.  We must all Be In The Know.

Solutions For Protecting


Taking effective action to stop bullying is difficult – and Be In The Know is here to help. Everyone has the right to be emotionally and physically safe, and the responsibility to act safely and respectfully towards others.   Adult leadership is essential to stop bullying in our families, schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities. Be In The Know Bullying Solutions resources are here to be used worldwide by parents, educators, social workers, youth leaders, and managers to prevent bullying. Working together, we can create cultures of caring, respect, and safety for everyone, everywhere.

What We Do?

Be In The Know provides curriculum development, training for instructors, quality assurance, and development support for our services.  We organize and teach workshops in different communities. Be In The Know brings services to your community that will cause thousands of people to become more safe and confident. We can protect kids from most abduction attempts and other violence by learning what to watch out for, preparing kids with skills before letting them go anywhere on their own without adult protection, and by ensuring that they have skilled adult supervision while their own skills are still developing.