Be In The Know...About Curriculm!

The Be In The Know curriculum functions on multiple levels that empower and hold accountable our children, as well as the leadership of their schools.  It is grounded in accountability, respect, and acknowledgement of positive behavior.  The program uses consequences as last resorts and focuses on preventative measures such as shifts in daily attitudes and behaviors that promote positive and peaceful communication amongst peer groups.

What Does The Be In The Know Curriculum Do For My School?

*  Kicks off with a class lesson that defines bullying and involves students by having them take the Be In The Know   pledge.

* Provides monthly conversation/activity topics related to bullying with corresponding lesson ideas to keep the bullying discussion alive and relevant year around.

* Lays out the structure and organizations of student led, staff guided council to serve as a school-based bullying committee.

* Connects your school with more than fifty NFL ambassadors nationwide who have volunteered their time to Be In The Know and the schools who teach its curriculum.


How Do I Get The Be In The Know Curriculum For My School?


* Purchase The Be In The Know Teacher's Kit that contains the kick off lesson for your class in order to get your students excited about the program and get your administration involved.

* Purchase the complete Be In The Know curriculum for your school, and start your commitment to end bullying for our children!

* The Teacher's Kit can be purchased online, the complete curriculum can be purchased by emailing us at




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