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About Us

Our mission is to provide support services to youth and families affected by bullying, violence, and suicide through preventative education and communication.  We embrace all segments of the community of all race and ethnic backgrounds, social levels, sexual orientations, and gender identities.  Be In The Know not only provides direct services to families and communities affected by bullying, teen suicide and school violence, we also provide programming to educational institutions through our staff, speakers and curriculum.  Our programming is tailored to the needs of students, educators and their particular communities.

PARENTS: Does your child have a bully in his life? Could your child be the bully? How do you know? Join our workshops and learn PREVENTION , SAFE INTERVENTION  & SOLUTIONS.
FIND OUT how to immediately identify any signs of bullying and protect your child from further harm. We collaborate with schools, individuals, organizations and companies interested in KEEPING OUR CHILDREN SAFE.  TO LEARN HOW: